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Travel Art Pro Watercolor Kit

Travel Art Pro Watercolor Kit

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The perfect gift for an artist at a sweet price! This set usually sells for over $200 but we have a limited supply available for only $155.00!

This travel set includes the highest grade, half-pans of Sennelier Watercolor paints color used by the Impressionists. They are stored neatly in a metal box with built-in palette, so they are easy to use when you’re on the go!

You also receive a set of Raphael watercolor brushes, a block of Fabriano 100% cotton, acid-free watercolor paper, and a set of Cretacolor art pencils, including water-soluble shades and soft black and white chalk pencils.

What makes Sennelier watercolor paints so sweet? Apart from being renowned for being luminous, brilliant and intense, they are made with honey as a preservative and yes, they are sweet! (We don’t recommend that you taste test them though…)Get yours today as we only have a few!