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"Mona Lisa" Smile Mask — Leonardo Da Vinci

"Mona Lisa" Smile Mask — Leonardo Da Vinci

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Entrance them with a mysterious smile

Play up your enigmatic side, show off your love for the classics or share some charming wit with the Mona Lisa mask.

About the Mona Lisa

No work of art has been the subject of so much intrigue and speculation as the Mona Lisa. One of the most iconic images of all time, the painting was made in the early 1500's and is considered the most significant work of the Italian Renaissance.

The painting has been stolen, vandalized more than once (it's now behind bulletproof glass!), speculated about and hailed over the centuries. Today it resides in the Louvre in Paris and it is estimated that about 80% of the museum's visitors come just to see this painting!

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